Purification before Beautification.

Day 2.

I heard that today. I tried to figure out what it means all day. The best I can think of is this: You can easily be beautiful on the outside. Make up has helped with that for years. But if you start trying to be beautiful on the inside then it will shine through. Like the Sun. (the sun being our inner beauty) With out the sun, its dark (duh, I know. Go with me) and the dark can be a very beautiful thing. But if you have a good sun (stay with me) then the day is bright and happy, for who could be sad on a sunny day?! And every once in a while a cloud will cover the sun, which can sometimes distract from the suns beauty. Lets say make-up and jewelry and tiny shorts are the clouds. Now we can still kind of see the sun through the clouds, but its really hard. How much more beautiful would we be if we didn’t try to hide what God has made so perfect?

Today after work, I felt really gross so I decided it would be a good idea to take a shower (especially since I am hanging out with the youth group girls tonight). I was taking off my earings and bracelets and took out my hair. I was surprised at how natural I felt. And beautiful. I think thats how God wants us to feel (not that I am saying we should all become nudist blech) but beautiful in the skin he gave us. I was watching a Jewel video that I think explains my point cinomatically.

In the book of Esther it talks about her beauty, but it says that people were captivated by her inner beauty. Esther 2:15 ‘And Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her.’ She was beautiful, but took the first 6 months to work on her purification. I plan on doing the same. I know it will be hard. I will have to dig up things that I have buried for a while and hate every minute of it, but in the end I am positive it will be worth it.

Dear Heavenly Father. I know that you are always with me and will never leave me. Please help me stay strong enough to follow through with the vision you have given me. You are more powerful then every being on earth and through you I can do everything. Please help me remember that and your great love for me. It is in your Sons name that I pray. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Purification before Beautification.

  1. I love what you are writing i think we can collect it into a thrid book to go along with the original book I’m writing and the journal devotional. It can be called Tara’s Walk…catchy i know lol….I have written like 5 pages of the book so far and two journal devotionals…God is sooo working through this. I am soo excited and I love you.

    1. I am SO excited!
      That sounds like a fantastic idea. Bethany (Miller) is planning on writting a book about this called ‘The Esther Challenge’ so that other women can do it. ❤

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