Thick Skin.

Day 3.

Today I went reading through some commentary on Esther 2. I found the most interesting things from Adam Clarke. He made the very obvious statement that said ‘they sought out all the fairest in the Land’. Well yes thankyou. That part is clear, but what he continues to say is that it didn’t matter your place of birth. You could be a princess or a SERVANT! This slapped me in the face. I guess I just assumed you had to be of some sort of royalty to be there. Wrong-O.

It put something into perspective for me; God does the same thing. He doesn’t care if you were born into a rich family or you lived on the street. He invites us to his ‘Church’ to become his future bride. WHAT?!? I know.. I was thrown off too. Read it again and try to catch the enormity of that statement.

In the commentary it says that in the first 6 months of the purification process they rubbed the girls with oil, to take away the thick layer of crud that was on their body’s. The girls grew up being told that they needed thick skin, but that was wrong. God created us as special vulnerable women. And no, this does not mean that you need a man to be strong.(We have Jesus, and He will NEVER let us down.) It means that God created us with his likeness in mind. We are the heart and soul of him. He has a vulnerable heart and so do we. We need to scrub off the ‘thick-skined-ness’ that the world puts on us.

I wonder what is some of the thick skin that I have. I know that I use sarcasm as a crutch to share my own feelings. I try to act over excited and enthusiastic about everything when really I think I am just a shy girl afraid of getting hurt. I want to take away this thick skin to show the beautiful woman inside but I am scared that someone will hurt her. This is the part that will be tough. Pulling back all the harsh thick slabs of lies that surround me. I know that only when you truly love yourself can you love others and others love you.

Dear Lord, Please remind me that the girl that is under my thick skin is nothing to be ashamed of. Help me learn to build her up instead of cover her up. God show me that being vulnerable is something to be treasured. Help me tear down the person I have made up and become the person you created me to be. I love you Lord and it is in your Sons name that I pray. Amen.


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