A Talk with the Man Upstairs.

Day 7

Today is Memorial day and a wonderful day to remember those who served. I worked at a ceremony with the American Legion and watched as families placed a flag at the graves of the fallen. It was incredible. I watched one son holding his father’s hand while they prayed for each of the tombstones. It hit me. PRAYER! Of course its important, and I have always known that, but the idea of prayer working changed me. I have always considered prayer as something big that you are told to do. Kinda like being a little kid and being forced to talk to your old Grandparents.

But the Crazy fact is thats wrong. God loves us like a groom loves their future bride. He wants for us to talk to him, he longs for our conversation. We were created for him, and he loves us.

I recall Dr. Rutland from my school saying ‘a lot of you may think of God is some great switchboard operator trying to figure out which of all the little lights of peoples prayers to answer and which to put on hold. What if you understood the truth. God is a great switchboard operator, but there is only light there; and its yours. My prayer is so important and when I pray for God to help my friend who is not a Christian yet, I am not taking away the prayer for some woman who is getting abused by a man in a bar. That is not true. God is to great to be able to just answer one prayer at a time.

I want prayer to be the most important part of my day. I want to wake up craving a new experience from God. I want to know him more intimately, have him as my best friend and lover, father and healer. Everything to me.

Lord, today I wish to start strenghtening my relationship with you. I want to know more of you, God, and I will read your word to find it but I use this moment to say that I will set apart time every day specifically for you. Lord, what is your favorite color? God, please find something in me that is of some importance that you should look on me. I love you God and it is in your Son’s name I pray. Amen.


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