The Great Compromise

Day 8.

Today I had the day off. [applause] So I scheduled two things (at the same time of course) and had to make a decision. I HATE making decisions. There is always that fear that you will pick the wrong thing and everything will go down hill and the world will stop spinning. And usually the decisions aren’t even hard ones like life or death. Today’s was to go get my hair dyed (which I have been waiting for since APRIL) or go to the dentist.

After 2 hours of weighing the odds, I decide Hair today, Dentist next week. What can we get from this story? Who knows. I know that most people give God their problems, and thats a very good idea. But I have a hard time doing that… why? Who knows.. Maybe Im annoyed that I never get an audible answer. I COULD check the bible, but I don’t have enough knowledge to read the correct passage and I do not want to be a flip and plop Christian. So what do I do? Nothing. And the only thing that Evil needs to live is that good men and women do nothing. So I let evil reign..

(dear select few who read this, sorry if it makes absolutely no sense. I haven’t had chocolate or coffee all day. Mom says im an addict.. I say… pleaseeeeeeeeeee!)

Dear Lord, Please help my mind go straight. Send me some wisdom so that I can practice on the small decisions so the bigger ones are not so monumental. I love you God. Amen.


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