Softball Lessons

At tonights game I played (using the term ‘played’ VERY loosely) and stayed on the bench for most of the game. First off, thats very annoying. It is a church league, supposed to be fun… Not really fun when your the only girl (in the whole game) especially when the guys think that you can’t play BECAUSE you are a girl. Great way to start.

Now tonight was my second game as part of the team and I wish it went better. Last week was beautiful. I played the whole game (right field, but its a position) and hit every ball that came my way. All the guys on the team were impressed and it was wonderful. This week on the other hand, was another story.

On this particular night I got the lovely privilege to sit on the bench for the 3 quarters of the game. Umm… 6 innings (baseball terms are fun..Funny story that I will share later). For the first 2 times that I went up to bat I swung and.. sat down. I didn’t even touch the ball. Embarrassing? Yes, yes indeed. I started praying. ‘God, I don’t understand why I can’t play. Lord please let me show the teams and the people watching the gifts that YOU gave me and let me hit something. God Please use this moment to work in me.’

Then it hit me, God it teaching me humility. I know how to play baseball, and I am good. But I forgot that these were gifts from God. I started praying that this lesson would work in me and then guess what happened. One of the guys on the team took pity on me (I think I started crying, but I’m on my period and have no control of my tear ducts). He asked me if I wanted to switch positions with him and go out field. I went and got to play! Then I went to bat and hit both

balls!!!! (The first was a foul and the second went straight to the pitcher)

Heres the funny part. When I was out field the pitcher said ‘Okay guys! 2 outs! We have 2 outs!!’ and I shouted ‘thank you two!’. (anyone who is in theatre will understand that.)

Best Part… WE WON! All (no) thanks to me. But I got a lesson from God out of it so it was a win!


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