One of those ‘boring’ days.

Day 12.

I really have nothing to write. I feel like my days are just dragging on. Its like I have nothing to look forward to until August. Michael (my little brother) had his graduation party today which I had to miss because of work. I really don’t like working. I wish I could get paid for doing nothing, or traveling the world and trying food. Oh, that would be great. I love food. There is so much good food to try. Maybe I’ll quit college and become a food critic in italy. I love Italian food, but I can’t speak Italian.. game plan- fail.

Today at work I had to work with someone who realllllllyyyyyyy annoys me. We will call him ‘JIM’ since I don’t work with a Jim (I dont think..). Well JIM was suppose to help me in the restaurant part of Wrights and left me high and dry. On the busiest day of the week, I had to do everything myself. Annoying? Yes, very. But (Bright Side) I got a break. And today I decided to be healthy. I thought it was completely retarded that I would work on the Esther Challenge and not worry about my body. Hello house of God. Nice to finally start working on you.

So Today, instead of having a slice of cake and coffee (which would have been wonderful) I had a salad and a water. And tonight I am going walking with my mom so we can both look super fit and hot by the end of the summer. Im very excited. Well.. Off to ‘try’ to get something done. Maybe a nap.. that could be beneficial.

Dear Lord, Help me stay focused. Let me always see a goal in life and strive head first for it. Lord I love you and it is in your sons name that I pray. Amen. ❤


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