On a day like today

Day 13.

Another Beautiful Sunday has come and gone. At church the pastor talked about humility and mentioned me (sorta). I wasn’t expecting it at all. Thought it was cool though. Then Siobhan and I went to the beach. I love the beach. Its so relaxing and wonderful. I think I got a tan which is BEAUTIFULLLLL!! lol.

The rest of the day I just sat around being lazy. I was thinking about working out.. I think thats a good start. I may not ACTUALLY be working out but I’m trying..? Not really. I think I need help working out. I just don’t like to, but I mean, who does? Noone. But I will do it.

I WILL WORK OUT! Say it twice out loud for effect.

Dear Lord, obedience? Please. Send me the time that I need to get all of the things done that I need to and the things that I dont want to do. Amen.


One thought on “On a day like today

  1. I was watching this comedy show last night and this overweight female comedian was like…Man I am sooo tired I’m wiped out exhausted. I have been thinking about the gym ALL day….hahahahaha I died laughing….It’s hard I know, we can do it though 😉 love you!

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