Gomer’s Fate

Day 17.

Hosea 1-2 (Tara Version)

He looked at her. She had seen guys look at her, thats how she made her living, but this was different. She couldn’t put her finger on it. He asked her something no other man had asked her. ‘Will you marry me?’ WHAT?! Noone had ever said those words. They expected sex, which was fine.. Thats what she was used to. He was different. But it was nice, so she married him. They had 3 children. Sadly named for their up bringing. But she got scared, so she ran away. She only knew her only life and needed to go back to it. It was what she was used to and what she knew.

After a while her lovers wouldn’t talk to her. She couldn’t make any money. They stopped paying her. Then she realized, they never really did. Every single thing she had came from Him. From Hosea. So she went back thinking ‘It was better living with my husband then it is now, so I will go back to him’. But after a while it got strange. He still loved her and never even brought up all the times that she was unfaithful to him. She knew what people were thinking ‘why is He with her. A Pastor with a whore, that just doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t he know that she’s not good enough for him?’

‘Of course Im not. He is so great and I’m nothing. Why does he put up with me? Doesn’t he know he can do so much better?I have nothing to offer him.’ These are all thoughts that no doubt went through her mind. So she did the only thing she knew how-running away. So she did. She ran and did things to make money. She lived on her own, and eventually ran out of everything she had, even hope. Selling herself into slavery as her last option she crawled onto the auction block as a broken woman. Clothes torn, heart broken, face dirty she stood there facing the world with the little pride she had to gaze at the people around her.

‘Will anyone have this woman? $7? $7 anyone??’ Yells the auctioneer.


She puts her head down. Her life had hit rock bottom, standing there in front of the world and no one wanted her. What happened? How could this possibly be her life. Then she hears it. A clear voice loud in the crowd. “I will have her.” She picks her head up slowly as she sees Hosea walking toward her with a blanket to cover her nakedness. “I love you, and you will go and be with me and noone else now” He says into her ear. What kind of man could hang on this long? What kind of love this must be. He picked her up and took her of the auction block and back into his life. He loved her even though she left him. He still loves her.


One thought on “Gomer’s Fate

  1. Sometimes we forget that the stories we hear in the Bible are actually history and that the characters were real people. Gomer was real and so was her pain. We all tend to look at this book of the Bible through Hosea’s eyes, which is reasonable considering the book is named after him. 🙂 But, Gomer was a person too, and I think the voice you have given her through this is quite beautiful and much needed.

    This ties in with your blog about humility, because sometimes we forget that we are Gomer and that we are unworthy of our Hosea. Despite our filth that sometimes is masked by pride, He is still there waiting with open arms ready to redeem us all over again. 🙂

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