Guys.. who will ever understand them.

Day 19.

I am wary of writing this little piece of my life because I don’t know who reads this..if anyone. But I have faith that it will turn out ok? Well, here goes. I have never had good luck with guys. The guys I seem to attract have less then something that I would like. If you have seen Cruel Intentions then you would know what one of my relationships was like. Minus the him falling in love with her or vise versa..or the tragic death at the end. The other one was.. well.. just plain abusive. He would lift me up just to tear me down. He was a jerk and a half. I remember that he called me one night (we talked almost every night for a year) and told me he loved me. I freaked out. I hung up the phone, threw it across my room.. then run out of the room. Mature, no? But I grew up, so I say..

So currently I have the best guy friend in the world. His name is Brian and he has taught me alot about guys. I had know idea how simple they are. Which is hard to figure out since girls are SUPER complicated. I’ve been hanging out with 3 guys who are all great. Im trying really hard to open myself up. Through this, I think I should try. So I have been hanging out with them. Sam, Marshall and Russell. (Named in order that I hung out with this week) I don’t think I’m dating any of them, just hanging out. With Sam, I went bowling. Monday and tuesday night. It was really fun. He’s really encouraging. It’s a nice change. Marshall and I went out for a burger- He’s not a christian and Im praying for him. Russell COOKED FOR ME! Then he took me out for ice cream! It was wonderful. They have all called me, and asked me first. I am trying to let them be men and take charge. That’s the way it should be.

I dont know what else to write, but I will keep you posted because it could be important.

❤ ❤


One thought on “Guys.. who will ever understand them.

  1. The WHOLE reason I wrote this was to tell a story about what happened that day and I COMPLETELY forgot. Here it is; This guy name Stephen is leaving for England. I have known him for quite a while and so I went to say goodbye. When I was talking to him he got a phone call (probably from someone (a girl) telling him how much she’ll miss him) and he picked up the phone, said ‘cant talk’ and went right back into the conversation we were having. It was so nice to have undivided attention when you know the person talking to you actually does want to talk to you. That’s what I need. But not from him. lol

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