Losing control, it can be a good thing.

Day 20!

Today in church John (the Senior Pastor) was talking about how God is in control. He went through the book if JOB and talked about how even in the worst of situations God is at work. Then he said something that was def.  thought provoking. He said that we sometimes pretend that we are in control and mess it up before we let God take the reigns.

It reminded me of this time that Michael (my little brother) got a dvd stuck i the dvd player and I had to get it out. I opened the whole thing and got to the middle of the player and I couldn’t ge the dvd out. I must have been working on it for 20 mins before Brian took the screw driver out of my hand and fixed it in .3 seconds. I was super frustrated (mostly embarrassed) that I couldn’t just do it myself. But when I gave it to him it was all taken care of.

I think thats how it is with God. He can do it so much better then we can because he knows whats going on. He sees the whole thing while we can only see so much. I hope this is encouraging to you. It helped me.


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