A monetary Issue.

Day 22.

Today it hit me. Hard. Life is super expensive. My wonderful mother sat me down and we discussed how much SEU will cost in the 2 years I have left of it. The sad part is, I’m willing to pay it. I love that place way to much to give it up- even if it ruins the rest of my financial life. I have been working every day (except sundays) at Wright’s, trying to pay off some of the loans that I have accumulated but I won’t even make $2,000. And thats working for 4 months straight! Good grief. How people do this and still have a smile on their face totally surprises me.

What I need is someone to just throw 4 billion dollars at me, for fun. I think I would be set. I can make that last.. I think. I’ve noticed that so many people are wary of talking about money, when in fact that is what Jesus spent most of his ministry talking about. And the crazy thing about Jesus is that he never worried about money. I was reading about who walked with Jesus and came across the craziest fact. One of Jesus’ followers was the wife of Harrod’s financial guru. The man who was in charge of the Kings money, was helping Jesus out. What connections. Where is my rich husband?! Oh that’s right.. Prince Henry  is in Africa working on his charity’s before the world cup. Looks like I’m working in the food industry until God shows him the light. Haha. Oh man.. I really just hate working. I was thinking today (while lounging around on my day off) about what I really want to do for the rest of my life. The truth is; not work. I am just not a fan. Siobhan (little sister) says that God didn’t create us to work, but to worship. Then the whole fruit thing happened, which is why I refuse to eat it! ..not really. But its an interesting concept. Because of our sin we have to work and think about money. Lord, I envy the day when you come and wipe out all of those things!


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