Trust in the authority.

Day 26.

Driving. I love being in a car and going somewhere fun. But different people have different driving styles. For example, I like to drive in the speed limit and never being to close to the car in front of me. I stop a good distance behind the car in front of me at a red light and go slow when stopping. Brian, on the other hand LOVES to drive fast. He knows exactly how close he can get to the car in front him before slowing down. So he will keep going until he feels like stopping. When I am with him I sometimes have to close my eyes. I have no fear that he will get us there safely, but its just so different from how I drive.

Tonight we went out as a family for a fathers day dinner (since my little brother won’t be here tomorrow) and my dad drove. Now I love my father and I have alot of faith in him, but he is very easily distracted. On the way home after dinner he was driving and kept looking at the sky. Apparently the clouds were very white. They were beautiful. After driving for a bit, we passed the exit I always go down  to go home. I was falling asleep and started to get worried. Where were we going? Should I tell him that he was going the wrong way? Why didn’t he do it the way I always did? Then I realized something. He is in control and he would never take us astray. He know’s what he is doing even if we don’t know what he is doing. So after this thought hit me, what did I do? I got comfortable in my seat and went back to sleep. I have full confidence in my father and knew he was doing right.

God, please help me see that even when you don’t do things my way that you still know what you are doing. Please show me how to accept what you are doing even if it is not what I would do. God, you are in control. Let me remember this. Its in your sons name I pray. Amen.


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