Family Road Trips.

Day 27.

Aside from the packed car and the argument of who gets a window seat, they are actually quite fun. We were all driving to Lake Wales because little brother got a job working at a boy scout camp. (So Proud). We left early in the morning, as most road trips go and Siobhan and I slept most of the way. After a small walk around the camp (with complimentary orange juice and British accents describing the terrain (provided by me)) we started the 2 1/2 hour trek back home. We were making small stops along the way and the first one was for Slurpees! It’s very hot today and they were much enjoyed. Soon after the slurpees we stumbled upon a ‘farmers market’. We went “in” and enjoyed the spanish people and cheep corn which is for dinner tonight.

I don’t think that there is anything quite like the open road and the whole day to explore it. Its one of those things that can be the best if you let it. It reminds me of Dominique’s wedding. Jenni and I drove the 2 hour drive there through the cutest little towns ever and only wished that we could stop and enjoy every single one. I think that’s what we are supposed to do. Every once in a while just forget about the world and take a road trip. See the sights and all the wonders of the world that God created.

Looking around me I can’t even describe it. Its rural and so it has that country open-ness to it. Acres and Acres of grass and trees and cows. Even the sky is the perfect color blue with while clouds playing around. Its so sincere.Daddy loves to show us new things so were going through downtown Bartow. I love that he does this. Its one of the reasons I can see why Mommy would marry him. He has a spontaneous sense of adventure.

Home. There’s something comforting about coming back home after a long trip. Wether its the smell of the bay, or the knowledge of actually knowing where you are; there is no place more beautiful then the one of your childhood. After a wonderful road trip, there is nothing I want more then to (take a shower) get on the couch and fall asleep watching a princess movie.

Lord, you are good. Happy Fathers day!


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