For shear devotion.

Day 28.

The day off. Yep, I had the day off and I would have loved to spend the day at the beach but I had to go to the dentist. The depressing part is that I had so much medicine in me that I spent the whole day on the couch with a horrible face ache. Yes, face ache. It started at my mouth and went all the way to the ends of my hair. I am still super groggy and really don’t want to write this. But thats what devotion is right? Staying consistent with something even though you don’t want to.

So here is todays ‘thought’. I was reading Psalms. First I read Psalm 120 then I read 103. Random, I know. But I just downloaded the “bible app” on my ipod and I was excited to use it. Both are passionate and it made me think about the way that people read the bible. It is always read in the monotone ‘preacher’ voice, if you know what I mean. Even when you read it in your head, thats how you read it. I was thinking how interesting it would be if actors could read it in the passion that it was delivered. My good friend ______ comes to mind. She is one of the most passionate people I know. She could out passion Mel Brooks. (ha ha) I remember her doing a scene that she wrote in class and yelled at God. The whole class was blow away by the real-ness of it. Noone could say anything for about a minute. Now when I read Psalms, I think of David talking to God like ______ did. It makes it more real to me. (Her name was removed because I don’t want to put her on the internet without her permission.)

Dear Lord, Help me continue to be faithful to things especially when I dont want to. Amen.


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