The concensus.

Day 29.

So a couple blogs ago, I asked a question that has been bothering me for some time. Is a women incomplete without a man? Eve was created for Adam, am I not finished because I haven’t found my Adam?? I asked 3 women in my life and got 3 answers. Jenny, my wonderful roommate told me that she felt the same way I did, but she wasn’t sure so she asked a woman in ministry close to her. This was her answer:

Scripture teaches us that “the TWO shall become one” in marriage. So it means that each individual is a WHOLE person, even without being married. Too many girls (guys too1) mope around, whining about not being married, instead of becoming the whole, interesting person God wants them to be! Getting married doesn’t make a broken person whole, or a boring, selfish person less boring and less selfish. Single people should give time and attention to being whole! So unmarried people are NOT second-class citizens whose lives are on hold until they find Mr. or Miss RIGHT. However, since the Word says that “marriage is to be held in high esteem by all”, there should not be any marriage/man/woman bashing.
Our purpose, regardless of if we are single or married, is to please God and become like Christ. To please God as a married woman means we spend much time aiming to serve and honor our husband and take care of our children. As a single woman, to please God means we honor and serve God and His house, that is the church. We also become a whole person by growing up, being productive, having integrity, reading interesting books, managing our money, letting Christ be formed in us, and loving God’s people.

This made sense. I asked Candice, one of my best friends at Southeastern. I asked her because I knew her background and thought she would have a different take. She was doing laundry and was distracted. But she wrote me her answer. It is as follows.

k. not that i think this is the whole answer to whats bugging you, but i think its part of it. for the record, i dont think a woman needs a man. i think that the completion that was shown in her creation was to show her complement of God’s creation and her place in God’s wold. but i cant completely get away from the fact that she is made for adam in a way, and i think this expresses that idea extremely well. but i do think its only part of the story. i’m going to post this poem as a comment because theres no room here.

1. When Adam was created he dwelled in Eden’s shade
As Moses has related before his bride was made
Ten thousand times ten thousand of creatures swarmed around
Before his bride was formed or animate was found
2. He had no conversation, he seemed like one alone
Then to his admiration he found he’d lost a bone
Great was his exaltation when first he saw his bride
Great was his elevation to see her by his side
3. This woman was not taken from Adam’s head, we know
And she must not rule over him, ‘tis evidently so
This woman was not taken from Adam’s feet we see
And he must not abuse her, the meaning seems to be
4. This woman she was taken from under Adam’s arms
And she must be protected from hunger and from harm
This woman she was taken from near to Adam’s heart
By this we are directed that they must never part
5. To you most loving bridegroom, to you most loving bride
be sure you live as Christians and for your house provide
Avoid all discontent and don’t sow the seeds of strife
As is the solemn duty of every man and wife

Kelly, the Ministers wife whom I was talking about actually has her own blog and blogged her answer so that everyone could read it. Here is the Blog.


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