Just another Manic Wednesday

Day 30!!!

Yay, I have actually completed a month! 11 to go.. unfortunately I don’t really have much anything to write about..

Today at work I got demoted to the back of the restaurant. Apparently they were training another girl so I got shifted to the back to mess with meat. It was horrible. I might become a vegetarian after this. I had to work on ‘de-blooding’ the meat. The meat blood splashed up and got all over my face. It was HORRIBLE. I think I might have hated today.. If you have ever seen Cow Belles, then you know exactly how how a day in my life at Wrights works. Cow belles is about these two rich girls who never worked a day in their life are forced to work in a cow factory. Its a comedy and so they fall over and break things and mess up everything. There it is. Change the faces and its me.


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