Ever Ever After.

Day 31.

Today after work my beautiful little sister and I watched about 5 hours of ‘wedding shows’. Like Say Yes the the Dress and My Fair Wedding and Bridezilla’s and such. As we are both girls, we started planning our dream wedding.


We were talking about dresses and hair. Then we started talking about the bridesmaids and who would be our top girls. I was thinking about it and Daddy walked in. I asked him what he thought about my wedding and he said something to crush all my hopes and dreamsssss (please read dramatically with hand on forehead). He said that I don’t have a boyfriend! Well what does that matter?? I know tons of single girls who have ‘wedding BOOKS’ and they don’t even have a crush on someone. So do you need a guy in your life to plan your dream wedding, or are you banking that prince charming will go along with what you want. But it really started to get me thinking. Girls plan their weddings like its something inevitable. Like there is no possible way it wont happen. A wedding (in a girls mind) is like your sweet 16 or senior Prom. Its one of those things that you look forward to until you actually get there.

Cari Underwood has a song called “Ever After” from Enchanted and one of the lines is

Story book endings, fairy tales coming true. Deep down inside we want to believe they still do. In our secret-est heart, its our favorite part of the story. Lets just admit we all want to make it to ever ever after.

And its true. We all want our happy endings. But according to Jason Illian, author of Undressed, says this:

God wants your romance to be more then just ‘happily ever after’. “Happy” is just not good enough. If marriage is an everlasting covenant, don’t you want to be ecstatic, overwhelmed, enthralled. love-sick, and a little crazy? Don’t you want to dive off the cliff of life knowing that love will either catch you or give you wings? Wouldn’t you rather be “passionately enamored ever after”? “Happy” is for people who like watered down soda and dropped cell-phone calls. It is not for the hopelessly romantic and eternally minded.

Think about this. And don’t dwell on the fact that he mentioned ‘watered down soda’. Its okay if you actually do like it. I do. ❤


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