A sisterly love.

Day 32.

So today is FRIDAYYY!, which would be exciting except that I have to work tomorrow. (When reading this, it sounds like I hate Wrights.. I don’t. Just the whole concept of working.) So after work I came home and saw Siobhan watching wedding tv. I have her hooked!! I love her so much. She really is my best friend. I hope that everyone can have a girl like her in their life. Its so easy to take her for granted because I know that she will always be there, I mean sisters just cant leave you. (she doesn’t read my bolgggg!!! GASP!) We have so much fun hanging out together and even when we hate each other we still can’t stop laughing. For real. Also she is SUPER pretty. All the boys are always in our yard for her milkshake. I just love her. But I am also jealous of her because of all her best traits (and worst). For example, our testimonies are so different and I some times envy it. But I do love her. ❤


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