Facing your insecurities.

Day 36.

I am a girl. I know, shock. Every girl has things that she doesn’t like about herself. I can’t even count the times that I have looked in the mirror and been unsatisfied. The worst part is knowing that God created you in the exact way he wants you, but not being able to feel that way. There is always someone who is better/skinner/prettier/funnier/happier/gets more guys/fitter. Its so hard to be ‘okay’ with who you are when the ‘betters’ are all around you. Its that stupid “the grass is always greener” syndrome. It would be pointless to write out everything that I don’t like about myself. Focusing on the negative will only make you negative.

Tara’s Challenge: Write a list of everything that you love about yourself. Start at the top and make your way down. For example I love my hair. I have great hair.

Whenever I get upset about something I listen to music. I found this song that is my absolute favorite for EVER. Its called Beautiful, by Bethany Dillon. Watch it.

God, please help me see the good in myself. Lord, I know you love me. Please let me love me.


One thought on “Facing your insecurities.

  1. My List:
    -I have great hair. I dont have to do anything to it and it looks great.
    -I have pretty eyes.
    -usually I have clear skin.
    – I am comfortable in skirts. I love my legs.
    -Being tall is not a bad thing. I am perfect model hight.
    -I can play sports very well.
    -I have faults, but thats what God uses to make himself known.

    Please list yours. I would love to read the great things about you.

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