Dealing with frustrations..

Day 40.

People are annoying. Its a fact. Anyone who is reading this can think of at least 2 people right now off the top of your head who you don’t like. How you deal with them is how you can set your apart. For example; when someone is yelling at you about anything and everything they possibly can you have some options of how you can reciprocate. You can

  • A) Yell back. Make sure you say something that hurts their feelings so that you win.
  • B) Stay quiet and make slight comments under your breath.
  • C) Pray.. while their still talking to you.
  • D) the right thing. (though I don’t exactly know what that is..)

I am a fan of B. Just saying. You know, gotta be truthful. But I really do try not to yell at people. I find it doesn’t get anything done, which is the main point of an argument.

When I asked my mom what she did she said ‘ I try to figure out if someone is yelling at me or the situation. And if their yelling at me and its unfounded, I try to use logic to show that the person is out of line yelling at me.’ Oh mother, she’s way to good for words. I mean really. If I am .002% as self-less as she is when I grow up, I would be be Mother Teresa.

I guess the only real way to deal with ‘those’ people is what the Bible says. It seems obvious, but rarely happens. I think Jesus said that if you have a problem with your brother, go to him in secret and tell him. This would be easy enough, but what if the person you are arguing with is SO annoying and you will never get over it?! What if they are always complaining and just upset unless everything is perfect?!?!?!

Well in that case… I have no idea. But if anyone knows, COMMENT! I would love to try it.


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