Spring Cleaning!

Day 41.

Today is the Fourth Of July. Happy Birthday America!! Usually my family has alot of people over and we throw THE party place, and everyone would come over and go crazy with the fire works. Not this year though. We decided to put in air conditioning in the new part of the house (praise Jesus.). It gets really hot over there in the middle of the anytime in summer. So we had to go through the attic, where Mom and Dad’s entire childhood was. It was actually not that bad. I mean, we found some really cool things. Like Mom’s old dresses that SHE MADE (oh yes, momma got skills) for different weddings. They were very 80’s and I ADORE them. We found Dad’s old soccer Jerseys (thats the shirt that Michael is wearing) (Daddy was the same size as him once upon a time, Crazy!) and an old camcorder. There were also about a zillion old pictures. But in the end we got it. The air conditioner is working!!

Siobhan and I also cleaned ‘the parents’ room. Its been more of a storage space and so we cleaned it. There really is nothing like doing a job and getting to see the end product. I don’t really have any great Jesus story to go along with today.. Sorry.. BUT I did find my goal dress. Its a dress that Mom made and its so much fun. (its actually the yellow one Siobhan is wearing.) I cant wait to fit in it. Thats all I got. HaPpY fOuRtH!! ❤


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