Long Distance.

Day 42. 

The dating game. Its a difficult game to get into unless you know the rules. And, everyone has different rules that they play by. But it gets more intense when you factor in not seeing each other every day. For example summer time. While you see your friends at school every day, it immediately stops during the summer. How do you stay in touch with the people you care about? And if you are staying in touch, how often do you text/email/facebook/call/write? Its a very difficult and confusing process. Now, if you are just trying to stay in touch with friends, its alot less complicated. They don’t need to know about every second of your life. BUT (here comes the tricky part) when its with someone you are actually in a relationship with, how can it be done. And the most important part: how do you stay faithful to someone who you don’t get to see every day when you are surrounded by other people that are attractive every day. 

**The main point I am writing this is because I just saw ‘Dear John‘ and HATED IT! She is ughhhhh! (I won’t give away the ending.. well, ill try not to.) 

I think that the hardest thing to do is break up with someone who you are having a long distance relationship with. I mean, the other person won’t see it coming at all. They will take their whole relationship on what you said in the last letter. And why would you break up with someone like that?! I mean, unless your a whore and seeing people behind their back (a total no no according to the bible, as well as common curtsey) the only problem could be not seeing them enough. And if you really are trying to make a relationship work, you shouldn’t need to. 

Take my (male) best friend, Brian, and I. Now I have known him for 2 years and have gotten use to seeing him every day during the school year. The summer time put a small strain on our relationship only because Brian is a horrible texter (true story) and we are both busy. But we make sure to set apart time to re-connect with each other. I don’t think I have gone an entire week without talking to him. It would be silly not to. 

I am mostly just writing this to let people know that I think that Long Distance relationships can work. Also as a warning to any girls who plan on writing my little brother as he goes to boot camp. ONE HEARTBREAK LETTER AND YOUR GONE!  I mean it, if he cries, you die. (police officers who read this, I would like the same cell Martha had.)


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