The most important thing.

Day 43.

The most amazing thing; really quite a thing. Thousands of songs are written about it, people dream of it, movies make money off it and we try to live in it. But what is this great thing? I think you can guess. Close your eyes and think of the one thing that you want more than anything. Can you guess?? ————vLove. It ‘makes the world go round’. People need love. You need love. I need love. Its such a little word for something so powerful. Its crazy what love can do to you. I mean, I have never actually been in love but I dream about it.. I have had 3 crushes. All of them were to not so great guys. 2 were ‘Christians’ though.. One of them, James (I think) liked me back but never told me. We were really good friends and you know how it goes. Girl likes boy, boy likes girl but doesnt have the guts to tell girl and so she spends her time wondering why she’s not good enough for him. So here I am. That girl, dreaming of the thing that people say is so important. The thing people live for. The one thing people die for. The thing I wish I had.. 

But heres the thing. I know someone who loved me enough to die for me. And every time I think about how lonely I am because I dont have ‘romantic love’ I think about how God loves me. That love is better then any other love that can be imagined. It is the love that concours all love. It is the originater of love. That is the love I want.


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