Searching for validation.

Day 44. 

This morning when I woke up it was like a movie. Lights come up on a girls face in bed and the music starts. Bum Bum ba da dam. Then the words ‘isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonnnndeeerrrrfullll’. Then her eyes open. She hops out of bed and gets dress to the wonderful song that was written about her. She gets dressed and eats breakfast and the song follows her around. She leaves the house in the most wonderful mood anyone can be in. And thats just the beginning. 

Today was wonderful. It was one of those odd days when everything was ok. Even when people tried to mess it up. There was like a happy shield. Im a fan of it. 😀 😀

So here is what I want to discover. Esther. I think I love her story the most (other then the fact that its a totally fairy tale) is because Esther is not a bad person. Its very exciting to me that God uses good people! I mean, although I would never discount someone who came from a ‘bad’ background and then turned their life over to Christ…I just don’t have that story. I have struggled with that my whole life. When I was a freshmen in high school I thought about having an eating disorder just so that I would have a story to help people.. I couldn’t go through with it. And even when I read the bible I could only find bad people getting used by God. I felt like my testimony was wrong. I think that Esther’s story is important to me because it helps validate who I am.


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