slightly confused..

Day 49.

Plans that dont work out SUCK. Today I was going to go to a free Britt Nicole Concert and have the best monday night EVER, I soon realized that I have absolutely no friends in Tampa. Its slightly depressing. So instead I went for a walk with my beautiful mother. But my plans kept failing on me.

I am not a fan of the thinking that if our plans fail then God didn’t want you to do whatever it was.. Is that the way God acts? I mean if you wanted to go to the beach and there is rain, is that a sign from God that the beach is an unholy place to be? I think that this thinking is slightly askew and weird. How do you tell someone that this thinking is off? Can you? Is that even possible? Who knows…

How do you tell someone that something is right or wrong, if your not always correct yourself. I mean, I have God, but I cant tell you what hes saying.. The people who do- I worry about.

God, help me understand. I seem to always be confused about everything. Light the path of knowledge for me and make your will for my life undoubtably known. I love you Lord. Amen.


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