Staying pure through it all.

Day 51.

The coolest thing happened today. I got a break (huge news but not the coolest thing..) and I was talking to two guys about the Bible. One of the hardest things about working where I do is that most of the people don’t share my beliefs at all. Its kinda hard. I mean I can’t go even an hour without hearing the ‘f-word’ at least 30 times. And that’s just cursing. There is talk of partying and drinking and premarital sex. This is hardly ever spoken of at all at school. I mean, I work with worldly people and I am trying so hard to remain pure. Its incrediably hard. I mean, I feel myself starting to get more and more annoyed and hear the curse words in my head.

How do you stay pure in a dirty world? I find myself praying in my head alot. ‘Dear Lord, clear my mind. God let these unpure thoughts leave me.’ Over and over and over. Especially  when certain people are yelling at me (every minute of my life!).

I remember an “purity” acting group that came to my youth group when I was in middle school. It was 2 people on stage with one standing on a chair. They were holding hands and talking to each other. The guy (standing on the ground) was trying to convince the girl (standing on the chair) to go partying with him, while he tried to pull her down to his level. The girl, on the other hand, was trying to convince the guy to go to church with him while trying to pull him up on the chair with her. He ended up pulling her off the chair and the moral was set: the world will try to pull you down to their level because they feel better when no one is above them. God has us on his level and for most of my life I have (through God’s goodness only) stayed on that chair. But I feel myself slinking down toward the bottom of the chair.

How do you stay on the chair? I mean, I know that the world will bring you down if you let it.. So how do you stop it? I really don’t know, but I intend to work on it. And now that I know of two guys who I can talk to, it gives me hope that this world can be overcome.

God, thank you SO MUCH for putting people in my life at just the right moment. Lord, please stay with me and keep me in your arms. I don’t want to ask for safety because you work through the greatness, just be with me as I go through all these days. I thank you for your goodness. Its in your sons name I pray, Amen.


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