Being true to you.

Day 53.

One of my favorite things to do is re-define myself. I mean, people try to figure out who they are their whole life. Being so afraid to try things is what hold people back. I was listening to a song that said “People say that life is full of choices, but no one mentions fear.” How sad that is.. I mean, its so true. I know that I have these weird fears about hanging out with people, don’t know why though. But what I try to never get scared of is being me. And the best part is, I don’t know who I am. So the possibilities of who I get to be are endless! So, in light of finding the real ‘Tara’ I cut my hair. (this isn’t very shocking, I cut it all the time when I get bored) but now I am rocking a new set of bangs! I really like them.

I remember one time some friends and I went to the mall and my wonderful friend Brittany was hesitant about buying a pair of fashion glasses. Her only hold back is she didn’t know if it was her and thought they were a little to crazy from her to wear around people. This, my friends, is the population telling you to conform to what they think is ideal. Well its not! God created everyone of us in his image. God also have infinite forms, so why should we feel like the only way to be beautiful to God is to be a straight haired blond skinny girl.. Shocking, I know. So, here I am. A 20 year old beautiful girl because God has created me and he doesn’t make mistakes.

Dear Lord, thank you so much for creating me this way. God, I love being me and please help me remember that you created me to be who I am, and life is about finding who I am through you. It is for you that I get up every morning. Amen.


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