Good News.

Day 58.

Sharing of good news. I love hearing it. I mean its hard to be sad when someone else is so excited. For example; tonight I was on the phone with Natalie and Brian and they were talking about what God was doing in their lives. It was so encouraging. God has been opening doors for them and is working through both of them. But the whole time I was listening I was slightly jealous. I mean, God isn’t talking to me.. Nothing big is coming out of my life.. Then I realised how stupid I was.

HELLO!! Esther Challenge?! God has given me this project and has been working in my life every single day! Also God has given me V.B.S. (vacation bible school) to teach hundreds of kids about God and his love for them.

I wonder why I compare my walk with someone else’s. I know that I have a different background and story then others, so why should I expect some cookie cutter life. I love my walk (mostly) and where God is taking me.

Father, thank you so much for giving me those moments of ‘well duh, stupid’. Thank you for giving me friends who are doing so much good for you. God, you are so great and the way things are going is according to your plan. I can’t even pretend to understand. Lord, you are amazing. Its in your sons name that I thank you for everything. Amen.


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