The days of our lives!

Day 59.

I hate long days. The idea of staying somewhere that you dislike because it is an obligation is horrible. There are only two things that made this day bearable; my break in which I started reading Captivating, and coming home to a warm shower and a big cup of coffee (and fuzzy slippers.) So now, after being away from that place of utter hatred (not really, Im being a bit dramatic) I am starting to feel better. So the book Captivation (in just the first chapter) has already started to work on me. Its like she is writing just to me. She talks about how women love to be romanced. I must admit, its true. She says that we allwatch those sappy love movies and then feel bad for liking them. We all want to be the beauty that the hero saves and then takes into his arms some where wonderful. But then we don’t talk about it. I mean, can we possibly be women of the 21st century if we actually buy into that kinda stuff? YES! Yes we can! God created us that way. How can we possible be the women that God created us to be if we let go of the very thing that makes us who we are. We have a beautifully unique heart that God gave us. Thinks about the games we used to play as children. As little girls; we always pretended to be the princess that our prince saved. We all want to be romanced. Its what makes us women. We should not be ashamed of it. Embrace that part of you. I am. I realized today that putting away my Princess books and tiaras was simply denying who I was. Silly and fun. Why should I deny the world who I am?! I am not going to anymore.

Dear Lord, thank you for giving me Captivating. I am enjoying this challenge so much. Lord, thank you for everything! Amen.


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