My Cinderella Story.

Day 60!

I am Cinderella. I was born into royalty, but I have been torn from the place I belong. Because of the fall, I am no longer where I should be. So instead of talking strolls in the garden with my heavenly father and lover of my soul I am working and toiling and staying busy and doing things I don’t want to because thats what we have to do now. We were created to be with God. That was our whole purpose. We (as women) were created to be a life saver. It was not good for Adam to be alone, so there was only one thing to make it good: Woman. Then Adam and Eve walked around with their Father. They had the most wonderful relationship where they could speak directly to God. How incredible. He was our king and Lord and father. Then something else happened. The fall happened. Eve took the fruit. And now we have to face the consequences. We have to work in restaurants instead of relaxing. I know I sound like a bit of a diva, but think about it. When you think about ancient art you always see a woman relaxing. You don’t see her in the farm picking corn.. You don’t see her doing all of the running around and chores that we are doing now. You see her lounging in a chair. I think women are most beautiful when their at rest.

So there it is. I am Cinderella. I was born into the royalty with God as my father. But something happened and now I have to work for my existence. I have tried to become this woman who functions in society and leaves any thoughts of romances in the fairy tale books. But not anymore! I will realise the girl who God created me to be. I think she is a woman worth being.


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