My own little world.

Day 63.

From time to time I read a really good book and get lost in the world that the story creates. I start wishing that I was there and when I am working I think about being in another world, one thats not so depressing. And I love my world. Its beautiful and fun and people love me and everything. So I was reading a book the Amy gave me by Stephanie Meyer and I was thinking about living with vampires the whole day. I will admit it. I love the Twilight Saga. It is well written and wonderful. I read it before the movies and the crazy-ness started. I mean, the movies are kinda lame (ESPICALLY the first one.) the acting is sad to be nice. But I love it all the same. In fact (now that Beth and Amy are home!!) we are going to see Eclipse today. We have seen every movie together and read the books together. Im just proud of us keeping the tradition. But my world does not really consist of vampires. My (fantasy) world is made up of a compilation of Jane Austen, Stephanie Meyer, The Bible, Harry Potter, every fairy tale.. Its my favorite place to be.. In my head. Its kinda sad, but thats where all my dreams are. In my story the guy always comes for me and never has me questioning his intentions. Its so much easier in my head then in the real world.. In the real world guys are scared of putting themself out there and so girls have to do it, which is wrong. But I haven’t met a guy who ‘has the balls’ to be a man. So I live in my head. So is the world..

The life in my head is wonderful though. I don’t know if it would be weird to share it with the internet.. So I’ll keep it in my head until I’m ready to share. I don’t think its bad to sometimes live in your head. I mean, since The Fall, nothing is really the way its supposed to be anyway. Maybe I really am supposed to be the beauty that some man will fight to protect. Yeah, that would be nice.

(Sorry this isn’t really a devotional today. Just needed to spout my heart. And this is my heart right now..apparently.)


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