The joys of Friendship.

Day 66.

I have the happy talent of surrounding myself with wonderful people. And since it is a beautiful friday night, some of these wonderful people got together to spend time in each others company in the way of GAME NIGHT!! There is nothing more exciting or awkward then one of these nights. Its when people get together and let their guards down to enjoy life. It really is a great thing! I feel like it was the perfect timing for this since tomorrow starts VBS (sort of). Tomorrow is the day when the church is going to help turn New Beginnings into a Super Hero Headquarters! I am so stoked! Its like I get to see all of my ideas come to life and teach kids about God. How incredible. Oh man.. SO stoked. Well, its late and I have to be up early tomorrow. But I encourage everyone to have a game night! Invite people you don’t really know. Did you know that you learn more about someone in one game (of anything) then on 12 dates! Totally true. So go out there, met people, enjoy life. And remember; God LOVES teamwork. (Hello… Trinity!!)


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