My V.B.S. baby.

Day 68.

The first day of August, and just so happened to be the first day of Vacation Bible School (Super Hero Headquarters). I think I was at church for a good 10 hours setting up everything. I am absolutely exhausted. I had no idea how intense vbs actually was. But the worst is over. I got through the first day and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I dont know why but EVERYONEs facebook status (yes, I am that lame) says that they loved vbs. That is some real encouragement.

I had been working on it for SO long and the thought in my head the whole tie I was planning and creating the Hero headquarters was that I was not a children’s ministry major. How could a theatre/journalism major possibly plan an entire week devoted to children learning about God. I mean, I write.. Thats what I can do, thats what I am good at. But I talked to God about it. I think it was possibly the most ‘real’ prayer I have ever had. I talked to God like he was my mom (the way I would talk to her, not calling God a woman). I expressed my fears but felt safe in saying them out loud. I heard one thing; ‘Tara, YOU can not save people. It is not in your power to say when someone is saved and when someone is not. I (God) am the only one who can change their hearts. I just need you to get them to come to me. I need to see my children.’ There it is. All the horrible weight of  ‘am I good enough to do this’ was instantly lifted off my shoulders. God is so good.

And there is what was created! With the help of the greatest people in the Church, THIS was made. The kids walked in blown away. Each one got a cape as soon as they walked in and were called Heroes For God where ever they walked. And this is just the first day. There are still 4 more!!!!!


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