Is This a Mans World?

Day Sixty Nine.

I love my father, but he is OBSESSED with old westerns. I think if he could do anything for the rest of his life it would be travel (via train) and watch westerns. Maybe camp somewhere in there. So tonight when I came home from VBS (another great one btw) I wasn’t at all surprised to see him sitting in his chair feet up and cowboys shooting indians in black and white on the television. So, because I love him, I was watching it with him. Then all of a sudden the men started talking and said ‘You know, women come in handy sometimes’ ‘That they do, occasionally.’ WOW.. And that’s what men think of women. How do we as women change our role in society??  Are we supposed to? I have come to the realization that this is really is a Mans world. I mean men were created before us and we were told to be under the men.

So what do we do? How can was fix this? Is there something to be fixed? I have no idea what to even think. Is that the reason that its so weird and awkward to see women in places of power? Are we supposed to just stay in the kitchen and bake cupcakes? Who even knows.. I sure don’t. Are we created to be damsels in distress for our whole life?? Is that even fun? I know that men want to be heroes but.. do we have to play Louise Lane or can we ever be Superman?

You know the story of Mulan? She tried to live in the world of being perfect for a man. She was trying to be something she wasn’t for everyone else. For her family, for her future husband. She sacrificed who she was to met some expectation that everyone had for her. Her whole life she had grown up thinking that who she was was wrong. Then in order to save her father she pretended to be a man and joined the feudal army. She tried to be someone else, anyone else and didn’t realise until the end (because that’s how movies work) that she was perfect the way she was. My favorite line in the entire movie is when Mulan gets in front of her dad and gives him all of these material things that show that she is good and can finally win his respect and he pushes them aside on the floor and looks her in the eyes. He then says ‘The greatest gift and honor is having  you as a daughter.’ Isn’t that what all of us want? We long to hear our father tell us that we are important to them. I wish that God could (audibly) talk to us and tell us that. I know how we crave it.

God, please keep us in your mind. I need you to love me and I know that you do. But I need to hear that you love me . I love you.


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