Stepping Out On Faith.

Day 71.

(Caution: before you read, know that I WILL give away the ending to Despicable Me. Sorry)

After a LONG day of work and VBS, Natalie and I decided to catch a movie to relax and hang out together. We went to see Despicable Me and it was surprisingly wonderful. I expected it to be funny, but there was a theme that caught me off guard. Gru adopted 3 little girls who changed him throughly. He started doing things that he normally wouldn’t do for, just for them. But his ‘friend’ told him it was better to send them back to the adoption house to stay focused and if Gru didn’t do it, he would. So the girls got sent back. The man that they were getting used to and started to think of as a father sent them back.. He didn’t want them anymore. They were finally getting the love they wanted and needed, but then it got taken away right from under them.

But then something happened. Gru realised how much he loved them and tried to get them back. He loved them! So he went off in search of them but they had been taken by his rival. Up in the air he fought for them. He pulled his plane-thing next to Vortex’s plane-thing and told the girls they needed to jump. Margo (the oldest) was the one who was afraid to. She reminded him about how he sent her back and hurt her. She wasn’t sure if he would hurt her again. Then he said something. Gru said (something like) ‘I am so sorry. It was the worst mistake I ever made. But I will never let you go again. Now you have to jump and I will catch you.’ She hesitated, then jumped! She jumped to him even though he had hurt her. Even though she didn’t know what would happen. She jumped into her fathers arms, having faith that he would catch her.

I wish I had that kind of faith. I wish that I could see my Heavenly Father standing there telling me to jump into his arms and I could do it. I don’t know if I really could though. Even in VBS we are teaching the kids how to step out on faith, but have we thought about how difficult that really is? What about when Jesus was walking on water and Peter stepped out of the boat. Can you believe it? He STEPPED OUT OF THE BOAT! Talk about faith. I wish I was that brave.

Dear Father, please always be there to catch me. I need you and I am afraid to say that out loud. I want to be your daughter but I don’t know how and I am afraid that I am doing everything wrong. Please be there. I need to know you are there.. but I guess not knowing and believing is where faith begins. I love you Father. Amen.


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