First Night.

Day 73.

So, in every family vacation when you have 4 people locked in a car for more then 3 hours, there is bound to be drama. Luckily, I have the best family in the world and there was NONE. (But Daddy stayed home, sadly.) The day passed moderately fast. I was enthralled in an old book, which passed the time. Then looking out the window at the country. Its absolutely breathtaking. The quiet stillness of the country is just superb. I felt like I was listening to 2 things the whole way up here. (We are currently only in North Carolina) Christian and country (the country only for brief moments when Michael wasn’t paying attention). I thought alot about the country and the belief system in it. Most of the songs I was listening to have a similar theme, no matter what station I had playing. ‘There is something great out there, something big. Something that wants you to be apart of it.’ Think about it. There is something big out there. Everyone feels like they are alone in this world and crave that ‘something’ that just has to be out there. As Christians, we recognize what this is. But the world sees something else. Love. And they almost have it right. Their ‘true love’ that perfection that exists somewhere in the world has to be theirs. They are SO CLOSE. Its almost infuriating to watch them strive for the wrong things when you know what is right for them.

God, please be with the people out there. Use me to help with everything that you need. Anything that I can do to show them the way, let me be used.


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