Is this Okay?

Day 76.

Being yourself can be all to difficult as I found today. We were hanging out with family that we NEVER get to see. On the hour car ride that we had up there (oh so fun..) we were joking and having fun like we normally do. Its so easy when its just the two of us. Neither of us judge the other and we actually enjoy the company. We have always been this way; best friends in our own little world that would invite anyone who could keep up.

So when Grandma started talking to my mom about how immature we were acting (in the car, with us sitting behind her) we started changing. She kept saying things like ‘they just keep laughing, but I haven’t heard anything funny that they said. Their just like children. They aren’t growing up.’ wow.. gee thanks. I don’t know what to do.. I mean, if your not loved for who you are, should you change so that people accept you? Or do you realize that God created you in a unique way the serves HIS purpose without having to answer to anyone else? Is it okay that I am sometimes a little loud and rambunctious? Is it right that I love out loud and I care without ceasing? It is bad that I like to laugh at the silliness of life? Is it suitable for me to laugh at others and myself for slight failings that will occur with being human?

I am going to be me. If people think I am to much to handle, then they can just go and see that God is doing something HUGE in my life and I will not stop to make people ‘feel’ like I am okay in their book. Because in all honesty, I am not looking for the approval for men. I know I will never get it and I am sure it is something I do not want.


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