The joys of hating cars (on a road trip..)

Day 75.

We finally made it to Ohio. It seems that the rest of the world has no problem with state boundaries. For people who live in Maryland, at least, seem to think a trip to West Virginia or North Carolina is nothing more exciting or absurd then walking into another room in your house. From all of this traveling I have learned one very important thing, that I guess I already knew.. I do not like cars. I thought that I just didn’t like how other people drove, because they never seem to follow the speed limit. Everyone else has a little more urgency and dives a little more reckless then I enjoy. But over this (oh so very long) trip up to Ohio, I have found that it is the whole ‘car’ in general that I don’t like. I do not favor the closeness of the surrounding cars and I really don’t like the random cars that will speed past you like your standing still. I would much prefer any other type of transportation I believe. A plane is always nice, a carriage would be divine, even walking seems like an acceptable alternative to being crammed on a highway with 189645389629469 other people who you can only hope know what their doing. Then there are always the inevitable ‘rubber-neckers’, as Brian likes to call them. The people who slow down traffic so that they can bare witness to the accident on the side of the road. As if this wasn’t enough of a reason to dislike cars, I have also found today that I get car sick.. very easily. The fact that their are these weird things called Mountains and Hills that we have to drive over in the ‘northern States’ doesn’t help at all. I would rather walk around Ohio, but its so rural that the option is void as soon as its thought. So instead, We will be driving (yippee…) to another state to visit family. Im just waiting for the pale jokes to come at me. Apparently living in Florida has done nothing to my skin (the cause being from working everyday and not being able to go outside) and the fresh coat of pale that comes from getting car sick. Oh the joys that will come my way.


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