What She Said.

Day 78.

This is another one of those days when I really just don’t feel like blogging. We left Grandmas house at about 9am and have been driving for 12 hours.. We are still not home. But, since I had so much free time on my hands (not much you can do in a car..) I started reading Wuthering Heights. I have read it before.. forever ago, but I started reading it and I am captivated the way that Nelly sees things. I am sure if the story was told from the vantage point of Catherine or Heathclift it would be dramatically different. I was wondering how my story would look from someone else’s point of view. I would be interested to know what my life would look like from the outside world, the people who see the actions without knowing the purposes behind them. Would it be dramatic? Would I be called selfish and unfeeling like Cathy? Would I be cold and angry like Heathclift? Its interesting to think about. And the thing is, I would ask people outright. But I would be afraid that they wouldn’t tell me the truth. I don’t think I would want them to spare my feelings, but what person is that brave? To look someone in the face and actually truly tell them exactly what they are thinking. Its horrifying and I think that people lie to seem more amiable. Imagine, lying to look better.. So I ponder my life as I become more engrossed in the life that Emily Bronte created.


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