And so It continues…

Day eighty one!

Oh Sundays. Today was especially good. DADDY GOT BAPTISED!!!!!!!!!! Its so amazing! Especially since he grew up catholic and their teaching is sprinkled as a baby makes you saved. I am so insanely proud of him. He was practically glowing when it happened. And then we all walked home from church. I enjoy walking so much. Anything to not be in a car again..  Then my little brother became an Eagle scout (which is the highest honor one can have in boy scouts). Through all of the festivities there was still someone who was upset and put a downer on everything.

What do you do with people like that? He was complaining the whole time wishing he had brought his car so he could be at the beach instead of the American Legion. It took everything inside of me to stay polite instead of saying ‘well no one invited you here! Please go!’ Some how I heald my tongue.


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