Having fun!

Day 79.

Home at last! There is nothing like the sight of a familiar road after a long trip, I am sure of it. So after being in the car for hours (again) we are home. It is so nice, although it is raining. I don’t know why I was expecting anything else. My beautiful friends (Beth and Amy) took me and my cousin and Siobhan line dancing. I absolutely LOVE dancing. Its one of my favorite things.

The Dallas Bull is a bar type club. It smells like smoke and there are drunk people around trying to dance, but Beth and I never had so much fun then when we are in the middle of the floor trying to figure out the complicated steps to fall in line with the correct dance. The club is 2 levels and the top level usually has the ‘ghetto’ music for people to grind to. Its kinda gross to me, I mean.. the whole idea is slightly vile to me. But so it is, that is what the top floor is for. However, occasionally they do play country songs and the younger folks go line dancing. So since someone was getting bored (my cousin) we went upstairs and low and behold they were actually line dancing! So we danced to like 4 country songs before the rap ensued. The large group quickly turned into small groups of people doing their own thing on the dance floor. Most were dancing ‘seductively’ and my group started to. However, I am nowhere close to that, so I danced like a fool making fun of those who wanted to impress all of the guys there. Because I am a huge dork, I danced to the middle of the floor and did some of the great dances of our time, like the running man, the cabbage patch and the sprinkler. It was awesome. Apparently the whole dance party stopped dancing and started watching me. It was awesome! There is nothing more exciting then being yourself (as dorky as that might be) and everyone is captivated by it. I loved it!


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