Oh Family..

Day 82.

The beach. again. Got a WORSE burn. I can’t even sit down. I look worse then a lobster. But I had to go to keep a certain boy in my life happy. How annoying. I am more then content to sit at home with Northanger abbey and coffee and make a night thinking of Mr. Tilney, but that wont do for everyone. One thing that was particularly exciting about tonight (after we came back from the beach) was our dinner. My parents are so good about inviting people and being wonderful. So at our family dinner that usually sits 5 people now sat 9. It was like a scene from a movie. All of the loved ones sitting around good food talking and joking about everything. Such a nice look. Its the kind of family dinner that America was founded on. Its the things we are proud of. You know those thanksgiving dinners where things just flow? there is no name calling of throwing of stuffing. Its nice.


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