Umm.. No.

Day 80.

In this life there are few things which I don’t like, and even less of which I loath. Getting sunburnt is on the top of the list of things I am not a fan of. After being trapped in a car for a week, I was excited about lying around the house and unpacking. However, my lovely plans were to be shattered because we had company. My cousin, whom I really do enjoy, thought that this was his vacation and we should cater to his ever whim. Because I am not a mother from the 50s, I find this behavior to be annoying. But I also have to be polite to guest so half way through his moping, I took him to the beach. We didn’t have any sunscreen and I was wearing a new swimsuit that gave me different tan lines and exposing others. So after being at the beach for about 2 hours, Siobhan was complaining of a stomach ach and asked to go home, which I was more then willing to abide. But when I came home, my strap lines were burnt. It was so awful. and ‘He’ just sat there being upset that we had to leave the beach early. So (thankfully) we have a hot tub and he just sat in there for hours. If I ever act like my family is actually a hotel who needs to cater, I should sooner hope to be alone.


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