Getting to know you.

Day 83.

I have noticed something. People who know a little about themselves can better live in society. They can make friends easily and see how people will act around in different situations. They can flow in and out of separate social situations and find something to talk about to each person. I always thought that these people had some God given talent that I don’t possess and became secretly jealous every time I saw it. So I have tried to figure out how they were like that. I would sit and just watch people for hours hoping that I could figure out SOMETHING about them by their actions. It was the biggest waste of time. I had no nack for it. I would think they would do something, but they would do the opposite. However, I could figure out how people would react to each other. I could see who was interested in who and when a girl really liked a guy or was just flirting. But I still couldn’t pin point what people would do alone. It was frustrating. Then something dawned on me that made me feel like a complete dunce for not seeing before. In order for me to know about people, I need to actually GET TO KNOW THEM! Of course. How can you pretend to assume to know people if you dont actually get to know them? God didn’t create people to isolate themselves from each other. He is the greatest supporter for teamwork. Hello Trinity?! God’s entire one-ness is a combination of 3 parts! In sunday school I was told that the trinity was like an egg. You have the Yoke, the White, and the Shell. But back to my original statement. You cannot know a person unless you try to get to know them. This means a conversation needs to happen. We need to actually talk to people. Start simple with coffee and finding 3 things you have in common. Here is my Tara Challenge:

Get to know 3 people that you are already acquainted with. Take them out for something and find 3 things you have in common. I would love to hear about who you are talking to. Share with me!

It reminds me of the song from ‘The King and I’. Where the new nanny is getting to know all of the king’s children. ‘Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.’

Dear Lord, thank you for letting me see the power of a team. God please never let me stop wanting to get to know your creation. Let me see that every person is important because you created them. Let me never forget that. I love you Lord, amen.


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