The Bestest Friends a Girl can have!

Day 87.

There are only so many things that can make a person truly happy, one of which are great friends! After an entire summer of break from the 2 women who make up my life at school, I FINALLY got to see them both at the same time. All the packing, and driving and unpacking and setting up and all the other horrible things that go along with moving into a new place suddenly vanished as I climbed into Bethany’s car and Jenni and I we setting off for some much needed girl time!

The bible has so many stories about the so-called ‘friends’ that we have. Over 4 times Proverbs talks about how the rich man will have many friends, but the poor will have none around. Even Jesus had ‘friends’. Think about it. Of the 12 BEST friends that Jesus had, 1 totally betrayed him, 1 rejected to even knowing him and the others ran away. Some friends right?

But I do think that God gives us people in our life because we cannot possibly function alone. So today I was with the 2 most fabulous girls at Southeastern.


One thought on “The Bestest Friends a Girl can have!

  1. I love you! One interesting thing about Jesus and His friends is that yeah He had a group of twelve, but there were 3 in particular that He let in closer..they were the ones whom when Jesus needed prayer He asked these men to be with Him. We all have acquaintances and good friends, but when it comes to intimate and private moments we always need people who are just a bit closer than anyone else. The scary thing about that is those are the people who can hurt you the most. All three of the men couldnt stay uo the one time Jesus truly needed them. They just kept falling asleep. Not even a day later one of those same men rejected knowing Jesus and was so vehement about it that he cursed. And yet, they were still Jesus’ best friends. They asked for forgiveness and He accepted it. He loved them still. I think the reason this had to happen was so that Jesus could look at us when we are crying over a betreyal from a dear friend and say, “I have been there. I understand your pain. Let Me comfort you because I really do KNOW how it feels.” He not only comforts us, but He also shows us that people are human and that sometimes having a friend that close is worth not only forgiving(which you should always do) their tresspass, but also allow them back in.

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