Getting Caught.

Day 89.

The worst and most embarrassing part of telling a lie is getting caught. A Friend of mine had a falling out with her best friend because they lied to her about a lot. She spent every day with that person and now feels like she doesn’t even know them. She keeps talking to them trying to salvage some of the trust that was there, but most of trust is gone. I am impressed with how well she is taking it. I can’t believe that she is still putting up with it, but She is a better model of Christ for doing it.

I was thinking about how so many times in the bible when people lie and what happens because of it. The first lie in the bible is from the serpent (but since I am talking about people I am going to the next lie). The second lie from the very beginning is a lie right to God. “No, I don’t know where my brother is” -Cain. And even then he didn’t say anything until God asked him. He was caught. I believe that hiding the truth is the same thing as lying. For example; when Esther (since this is the ‘Esther’ challenge) hid the fact that she was a Jew from king Xerxes and it nearly cost the lives of all the Jews in the kingdom. But she did the ‘right thing’, which was confess the truth. Telling the truth is always hard, so Esther decided to do it after dinner, but the first dinner she had with the king (and Haman-booo!) she couldn’t do it. So she had another banquet. She got up the nerve and in chapter 7 she says ‘If I have found favor with you, Your Majesty, and if it pleases you, grant me my life- this is my petition. And spare my people- this is my request.” What a bold statement! I can only imagine what she must have felt. She probably stared at the ground pleading these words to the king. And although he was furious and stormed out of the room, he came back and her people were spared (because they got to fight back). But maybe that’s not enough. If I took cookies when I was little and lied saying Siobhan or Michael took them, I would get whooped. I think the worst kind of lie is one that you never intended to make. One that depicts you character in the worst way possible. What if, like Peter, you pledged your entire LIFE to someone and when push came to shove you denied even knowing that person. The worst kind of lie is one that ends in betrayal. Matthew is the only book to record Peters denial, and it says that after the 3rd lie Peter heard a roster crow and remembered what he did. Matthew says that Peter wept aloud outside. I find it interesting that Matthew doesn’t write about what Jesus said to Peter about it. John does though. In the very last chapter of John (the one who Jesus loved) he describes the interaction between the liar and the Lord. Jesus was eating with the disciples and he asked Peter if he loved him. Jesus asks this question 3 times before he is satisfied and actually changes the type of love in his last question. In the Greek he first uses Agape, which is what we usually mean when we say ‘I love’ something. He uses this term for love twice before asking Peter if he Philia (loves) him. This is the brotherly type of friendship. John says that by the 3rd time Peter became upset. I think we can all relate to feeling upset because someone doesn’t believe us when we say something- but think about the other side. I would want to make absolute positive that I could trust the person again. I think that was what Jesus was doing.

Here is my (I guess) moral of the blog. We are not perfect and everyone is going to lie at some point. We will all get caught with our hand in the ‘cookie jar’. It is what we do when we are caught that is the true judge of character.

God. Please forgive me for all of the times I have lied. I know that the curse of our tongue is something that cannot always be controlled, but I ask now for you to work in me. God, please show me how to show you in me especially when things get tough. I thank you for everything, Amen.


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