Friendly Competition.

Day 93.

I love games. One of my favorite board games in the entire world is Clue. Beth and I would play game after game while we watched the movie and get frustrated and belated and happy. We also cheat like crazy, but it is almost okay because we are both so bad at cheating and lying that it doesn’t count. So usually we play on the same team so that we can ensure our victory. So we played and she won, which is okay. But people we were playing with were getting upset at our oh so reasonable rules that changed in our favor, so we played volley ball in the pool. I love them so much. I think that competition is something that people need in lives. Its way to much fun to keep out of life. While we were playing, I tried to think of the games that Jesus would have played while he was a child. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have, just like any other kid growing up in Jerusalem. I would think that he would play hide and go seek with his brothers and sisters. I hope that I can always have the time to play HIDE AND go seek. Its important to have the faith of a child.


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