When Courting isn’t enough..

Day 92.

I have a friend at Southeastern who really likes this girl. He was telling me about her and the way he spoke of her was pure respect and godly affection. He was using the words to describe his feeling that you can only hope that someone thinks about you. He sees her as a woman of God and wishes to get to know her more. However, she does not share the same exact feelings. I think that she is just shy, but who knows. So after this (2 hour) chat with him, I started to think about what would happen if courting didn’t work. I mean, is that possible? I have never heard of a story where a guy pursues a girl, and it just not work.. So what happens when its not? Its not really a question for me, since girls just wait around for some guy to show an inclination before we do anything. Does that seem right? I would feel so odd asking some guy out on a date, yet it seems to be the thing that guys must do for us. So what happens if there is a guy, like my friend, who really does like a girl in all the right kind of ways, but there doesn’t seem to be much encouragement from the other party. Does he just wait and try to get to know her better while proving himself worthy of her heart? I really don’t know.. I can only trust that it is in God’s hands.

Dear Lord, I know that I am the last person to be talking about relationships, but I ask for wisdom for the 2 friends that I have spoken of. Please show your will to them because they love you so. It is in your sons name I pray, Amen.


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