Sweet 21.

Day 106.

So today was the big day. I turned 21. And since it is such a huge marker in my life, I thought about all the things that I have done so far. There wasn’t a large list unfortunately. And the biggest shock is that I have gone through my entire life without a boyfriend. WHAT?! How is that possible. I mean 21 years all alone? Then Bethany and I watched chick flicks and ate birthday cake and thought about all the guys in our lives. There aren’t any suitable candidates for marriage. I swear, if I get married in 5 years and I find out that my husband has been praying for me to stay out of relationships, I will be so annoyed.

There is this book that I really want called ‘I’m Not be Superwoman, but God Made Me Wonderful.’ The first line in the book is this:

America is a couple culture. If you are over the age of 21 and are not married or heading in that direction, friends and family will attempt to fix you up with Mr. Right.

How true is that. Clearly as a woman (espically at a Christian University where the motto is ‘Ring before spring) I should have some prospects in the future that include a man. But whats wrong with a single woman? I think I am fine, but I can’t help this nagging in the back of my mind that says “an unmarried woman is less of a woman”. Where does that even come from!? Society certainly doesn’t preach that. Society wants people to be together, but marriage?

What do you think?? I encourage you to comment and tell me what you feel about it.


One thought on “Sweet 21.

  1. Happy belated birthday. Just think, they guy who God has for you will be so happy that you are who you are. He will be blessed. Keep your chin up and your lips puckered. He’ll be along when you least expect it. That’s the way God works.

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