day one hundred and eight.

I know I promised to talk about Delilah, but I can’t (today). I was straightening my hair and thinking sad thoughts about myself, because there is nothing to do but look at your imperfections for half an hour straight..

There is this guy at school who flirts with all the girls. Literally. But he doesn’t flirt with me and I can’t think of any reason why. Well thats not true. I thought of a million reason why, and none lead to a healthy self-esteem. So I’m thinking of the girls that he flirts the most with and they are simply fantastic women of God. They are beautiful and funny and have a distinct personality, and then there is me. I have almost nothing to offer a guy, and even get surprised when they pay me any notice. I sometimes wonder if God even likes me, or if he came to save everyone else and I just tried to be apart of it.

I don’t know how to rectify these feelings. I wish this blog was a self help blog, but tonight it seems to be a self depress blog. Im just going to go to bed.

Its been a good 2 days of being 21. Woop….woop.


One thought on “Yeah..

  1. I know this is a old blog but if you do not mind if I comment on it. I think sometimes God puts like a barrier around certain people. He has a special plan for only possibly the right guy can only enter through. Does that make sense?

    I always though during college at the Bible College, why God do my friends have gf’s and here and I with no-one?

    God is God and He has an amazing plan for each and one of us. A plan that is different from others. Just have to accept it and move on.

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